Trip 1 – Payment Confirmation List

2020 Ski Trip #1 (only)  Feb 21-23- 2020 - Current Room list.    If your name is not on the list,  I don’t have a room for you.

We do our best to update this list as often as possible.

Updated: Feb 4, 2020 930am 

22 rooms so far. 61 adults and 9 kids
Plenty of basic rooms left….but the hotel is filling up quickly.
We are out of Grand family and Marquis suites. We only have 1 Grand studio left.

Peck – moved to basic room
Piccirillo – Grand Family
Kamba,Kathy – please contact Kirby – now in Grand Family
Slager – 2 adjoining rooms
Varek 1
Varek 2
Palumbo – Dolphin
Willett – cancelled
Smith, Emily, waiting on payment
Anderson,1 Marquis
Anderson,2 Grand Studio
Kamba,Billy – waiting on payment
Altenburg -
Sansone – Grand Studio – sending money
Muransky – waiting for payment